Soal B.Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 1 Kurikulum Merdeka & Jawaban

Soal & Jawaban Asesmen Sumatif Akhir Semester (ASAS) / Penilaian Akhir Semester (PAS) Ganjil Bahasa Indonesia Kelas 7 Tahun 2023/2024 - Untuk adik-adik kelas 7 yang sebentar lagi mengikuti Sumatif Akhir Semester Gasal, yuk saatnya waktu belajar adik-adik lebih ditingkatkan lagi ya. Perbanyak membaca dan latihan soal agar saat ujian dapat nilai sempurna.

Nah, kali ini kakak akan berbagi latihan soal untuk adik-adik dan sudah tentu lengkap dengan jawaban ya. Jadi silahkan simak dan baca dengan teliti ya. Membaca berkali-kali maka pengetahuan adik-adik akan semakin kuat.

Soal & Jawaban SAS/PAS Semester 1 Mapel Bahasa Ingris Kelas 7 Tahun Pelajaran 2023/2024

Text 1

Sinta is Galang’s sister. She is 16 years old. She is tall and has straight black hair. She likes to wear a ribbon in her hair. Her hobby is playing badminton. She often plays badminton with Ibu Posma in a park near her house every weekend. When playing badminton, they bring their own rackets and shuttlecocks.
After playing badminton, Sinta and Ibu Posma go to a restaurant near the park. They usually have rica-rica chicken with rice. It is Sinta’s favorite food because it is spicy and greasy. She likes to have it with orange juice. It is sour but very fresh.

For numbers 1-5, choose the best answers.
1. What is Sinta’s favorite accessory?
a. A necklace
b. A bracelet
c. A watch
d. A ribbon

2. What is Sinta’s favorite meal?
a. Rica-rica chicken with rice and orange juice.
b. Spicy chicken with rice and orange juice.
c. Rica-rica chicken with rice and lemon juice.
d. Spicy chicken with rice and lemon juice.

3. What is a type of sports that is similar to Sinta’s hobby?
a. Tennis.
b. Volleyball.
c. Basketball.
d. Archery.

4. What things do Sinta and Ibu Posma always bring to play badminton?
a. Balls and rackets.
b. Shuttlecocks and boards.
c. Shuttlecocks and rackets.
d. Balls and boards.

5. How many times do Sinta and Ibu Posma play badminton?
a. Three times a week.
b. Two times a week.
c. Five times a week.
d. Four times a week.

Text 2

Andre is going to make a pancake for the irst time. He needs to follow the recipe to make it but the steps are in the wrong order. Help Andre arrange the steps in the correct order.

How to Make a Pancake
1. Next, put two cups of lour and two tablespoons of butter into the bowl along with the wet ingredients and mix them together.
2. Then, heat a pan with a low-medium heat with cooking oil and ⅓ cup of batter.
3. First, add two eggs and two cups of milk to the bowl as the wet ingredients. Whisk it together until it is smooth and lump-free.
4. Finally, put the pancake on a plate and serve it with toppings you like.
5. Cook the pancake for one to two minutes until the bottom of the pancake is golden brown. Flip and cook until the pancake turns golden.

Arrange the text numbers to make the correct step to make a pancake.
6. (...) − (...) − (...) − (...) − (...)
Answer : ( 3 ) – ( 1 ) – ( 2 ) – ( 5 ) – ( 4 )

7. Think about your hobby. Describe what you need for your hobby, how many times you do your hobby, and the reason why you like to do your hobby. To describe your hobby, you may use the sentences below.
My hobby is.....
I like.....
To do.....I need.....
I often play.....
I usually play.....
I like to.....because.....
Answer :

Text 3

Monita’s bedroom is very spacious. She loves to hang out in her bedroom. When we go inside, there is one large bed. If we look closely, we can see a drawer under her bed. There are many dolls inside the drawer. Next to the bed, there is a side table with a lamp above it. She has a big white cupboard which is full of colorful clothes. She likes Justin Bieber so she sticks some posters of him on the wall. Between the posters, she hangs a picture of her and her best friends. In front of her bed, there is a cabinet with a television above it. She tidies up her bedroom every day. No wonder her room is very neat and clean.

For numbers 1-5, choose the best answers.

8. What can we ind in Tamara’s bedroom?
a. A drawer, a bed, dolls, a side table, and a cupboard. 
b. A bed, a side table, a radio, and a lamp.
c. A bed, a side table, books, and a television.
d. A picture, dolls, a chair, and a rug.

9. What does Monita do to make her bedroom neat and clean?
a. Wipes the dust.
b. Puts the trash away.
c. Tidies up the room.
d. Mops the loor.

10. Where does Tamara keep her dolls?
a. She keeps her dolls under the cabinet.
b. She keeps her dolls between the posters.
c. She keeps her dolls above the side table.
d. She keeps her dolls inside the drawer.

11. What does Tamara hang between the posters?
a. A picture of beautiful lamps.
b. Colorful clothes.
c. A picture of her and her best friends.
d. A television.

12. Where does Tamara place her lamp?
a. She places her lamp above the drawer next to the large bed.
b. She places her lamp inside the cupboard in front of the bed.
c. She places her lamp above the side table next to the large bed.
d. She places her lamp under the side table next to the large bed.

For numbers 13-17, complete the dialogue with appropriate words.
Galang : Come in, Andre.
Andre : Wow. Is this your bedroom? It is so (13) .....
Galang : Well, I don’t think it is that tidy. I feel like it’s still (14) .....
Andre : Why do you think so?
Galang : I have too many books and I don’t know where to store them. My drawers are full. That is why I put some of them (15) ..... my bed.
Andre : Don’t you think it is too dusty to put your books there? There is usually a lot of (16) ..... under the bed.
Galang : Yeah … but I don’t know where else I should put them.
Andre : Why don’t you donate the books you don’t read anymore? I know a place to donate books.
Galang : That’s a great idea! Will you help me sort the books?
Andre : Sure! Let’s start by putting the books out. Then, we can (17) ..... them from the dust together.
Galang : Okay. Thank you, Andre.

Answer :
13. Tidy
14. Messy
15. Under
16. Dust
17. Clean

For numbers 18-19, complete the dialogue with appropriate words.

Arya : Hi, Eva. How are you?
Eva : Hi, Arya. (18) .... By the way, who is with you?
Arya : Oh, this is my new friend, Rama. Rama, this is my cousin, Eva.
Rama : Hello, Eva, (19) ....
Eva : Hello, Rama. Nice to meet you too.

18. .......
a. How are you anyway?
b. Glad to see you, too.
c. Very well, thanks.
d. How do you do?

19. .......
a. Let me introduce myself.
b. Nice to meet you.
c. Good morning.
d. How are you.

For numbers 20-22, complete the dialogue with appropriate words.

Mr. Martin: Hello, students. (20)....?
Students: Fine, thanks. And you, Sir?
Mr. Martin: Pretty well, thanks. (21) ...?
Students: No one, Sir.
Mr. Martin: Excellent! Well, let's start our English lesson. (22) ...!
Students: OK, Sir!

20. .....
a. How about you?
b. How is everything with you?
c. How do you do?
d. How do you go to school?

21. .....
a. Are you absent today?
b. Who is checking the absence?
c. Who are you?
d. Who is absent today?

22. .....
a. Open your book to page 5!
b. Don't write anything on the table!
c. Stand up, please!
d. Close the window, please!

Text 4
Ghania’s Daily Activities Ghania always gets up at four o’clock in the morning, then she takes a bath. At six o’clock she has breakfast. She goes to school at half past six. Ghania goes home at half past twelve. She has lunch at one o’clock in the afternoon. After school, she usually does her homework and then take a nap. She takes a bath at four o’clock. She has dinner at seven o’clock in the evening. She studies at half past seven at night. She prepares the book for tomorrow at nine o’clock at night. She prays before sleeping at half past nine.

For numbers 23-25, choose the best answers.
23. What is the text about?
A. Ghania gets up at four o’clock in the morning.
B. Ghania’s activities.
C. Ghania has breakfast, lunch and dinner.
D. Ghania prays before sleep.

24. What time does Ghania study at home?
A. 07.30 a.m
B. 08.30 a.m
C. 07.30 p.m
D. 08.30 p.m

25. What does Ghania do at nine o’clock?
A. She studies
B. She plays
C. She has dinner
D. She prepares the book

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