Soal & Jawaban PAS B. Inggris Semester 1 Kelas 9 Tahun 2022

Soal dan Kunci Jawaban PAS Semester 1 Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Indonesia Kelas 9 Tahun Pelajaran 2022/2023 - Penilaian Akhir Semester (PAS) Gasal / Ganjil adalah salah satu bentuk evaluasi oleh Satuan Pendidikan untuk mengetahui daya serap seluruh Kompetensi Dasar yang dimiliki oleh Peserta Didik selama 6 bulan / satu semester.

Pelaksanaan PAS Kelas 9 pada mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Tahun Pelajaran 2022/2023 dapat dilakukan secara Daring / Online maupun Luring / Tatap Muka dengan tetap memperhatikan protokol kesehatan pencegahan penularan Covid-19 sesuai dengan SOP Pembelajaran Tatap Muka atau SOP Pembelajaran Daring yang telah disusun oleh Satuan Pendidikan.

Soal & Kunci Jawaban PAS Semester Gasal Kelas 7 SMP/MTs Tahun 2022 Mapel Bahasa Inggris

The following dialogue is for question no. 1 to 4.

Verdy : Hi Dika, I’ve got good news.
Dika : What is it?
Verdy : I won the English speech contest in Semarang last week.
Dika : Are you serious? Oh my God, I can’t believe it.
Verdy : Of course, I am.
Dika : I heard it was a competitive contest.
Verdy : Yes, it was. My rivals were very good and confident. Their English was awesome.
Dika : Great, congratulation. You have no idea how happy I am for you.
Verdy : Thanks, I appreciate that.
Dika : I believe that you are the best as always.
Verdy : How nice of you to say that. Now, let’s have lunch on my treat.
Dika : With great pleasure, dear.

1. What is discussed in the convsersation?
a. Good news.
b. English speech
c. Someone’s treat
d. Winning a contest

2. How does Dika feel knowing the good news?
a. Frustrated
b. Surprised
c. Delighted
d. Bored

3. I heard it was a competitive contest.
The underlined word means that the participant has a ..... desire to win the contest.
a. strong
b. weak
c. lack
d. poor

4. Yes, it was.
What does the underlined word refers to?
a. news
b. contest
c. speech
d. english

5. Look at the following picture!

The best expression for the boy in the picture is ....
a. Congratulation on your graduation!
b. Congratulation on your achievement!
c. Have a wonderful birthday!
d. Have a great journey!

The following dialogue is for question no. 6 to 9.

Salsa : We’re going to celebrate our school aniversary next month.
Bella : You’re right. What do you think if we have a special celebration?
Salsa : What’s on your mind?
Bella : We usually have an art performance. How about if this year we invite boyband
to perform at the celebration?
Salsa : I don’t think it’s a nice idea. Inviting boyband may cost much money. I prefer
to make different art performance.
Bella : What do you mean?
Salsa : The art performance can be conducted in an orphanage.
Bella : Sounds great. We can entertain the children with music, dances, magic tricks,
and much more.
Salsa : Let’s talk about it at the students meeting this week.

6. What are the girls talking about?
a. Special celebration
b. Art performance
c. School aniversary
d. Boyband performance

7. According to Salsa’s suggestion, where should this year art performance be conducted?
a. At school
b. At hall
c. In classroom
d. In an orphanage

8. Which one is the expression of disagreement in the dialogue above?
a. I don’t think it’s a nice idea.
b. What’s on your mind?
c. Sounds great.
d. What do you mean?

9. Which one is the expression of agreement in the dialogue above?
a. I don’t think it’s a nice idea.
b. What’s on your mind?
c. Sounds great.
d. What do you mean?

The following text is for question no. 10 to 13.

10. From the label, we know that the product .....
a. can help to relieve headache
b. contains herbal ingredients
c. can be used by todler
d. contains no sugar

11. What symptom can’t be relieved by this medicine?
a. Headache
b. Blocked nose
c. Sore throat
d. Cough

12. If symptoms persist, consulst your healthcare professional.
The underlined word means that the symptoms ..... in our body over in a periode of
a. leave
b. stop
c. stay
d. quit

13. What is the purpose of reading the label?
a. To see the use of the medicine
b. To recognize the symptoms of the disease
c. To understand the dosage of the medicine
d. To know the detailed information of the medicine

The following text is for question no. 14 to 16.

14. By reading the label, we know that the product ....
a. is blended arabica beans.
b. contains high calcium.
c. is roasted coffee and milk.
d. better serves hot.

15. What is the intention of writting the text?
a. To tell how to enjoy the product.
b. To inform the nutritions of the products.
c. To show the advantages of the product.
d. To share the necessary information of the product.

16. Wherever you go....
What does the underlined word refer to?
a. consumer
b. producer
c. coffe drink
d. coffe blend

The following text is for question no. 17 to 20.

1 kg of medium-sized shrimps
5 onion
2 tablespoons of sweet soy sauce
1 lime
A dash of salt and pepper
1. Boil the shrimps. When they are done, take them out of the pan and let them cool.
2. Peel the skin and remove the head, legs, and tail.
3. Peel and slice the onion.
4. Mix the onion, soy sauce, and lime juice with shrimps.
5. Add salt and pepper.
6. Put shrimps on skewers and barbecue for a little while.
7. Serve hot.

17. The text is useful for someone who wants to ....
a. learn cooking
b. retell a story
c. research about satay
d. describe shrimp satay

18. The text mostly tells the readers about ....
a. the ingredients to make shrimp satay.
b. how to make delicious food.
c. how to make shrimp satay.
d. the steps of boiling shrimps.

19. Why is it suggested that we use lime juice in the recipe?
a. To reduce the smell of the onions.
b. To give red color of the shrimps.
c. To make the shrimps more tasty.
d. To add the sauce of the dish.

20. When they are done,... (Step 1)
The underlined word refers to ...
a. the pan
b. the salt
c. the pepper
d. the shrimps

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